Six Year Old Girl Used A Marker to Try and Fake Chicken Pox Attempting to Skip School

By Pacey on April 15, 2019
(Photo by Raudies/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

A six year old girl had a spelling test that she forgot to study for, so she had some quick thinking. Lily Schooley decided to borrow a permanent red marker from school and put dots all over her body so it would hopefully look like chicken pox. However the plan failed when the little girl was told she had to go to the doctor because it looked “really bad”. As she ran up the stairs her parents could barely contain their laughter because they knew what she was up to. When Lily couldn’t get all the red dots off her skin she pleaded not to go to school because everyone would make fun of her. The parents still decided she would go to school, but with a note to the teacher stating what happened and that she was in no way ill or contagious. I’d say they both should get medals. One for the child being so smart, two for the parents forcing her to still go to school and accept the consequences.

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