Someone Made A Gingerbread Dog House For Their Pooch

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you could build a gingerbread dog house for your dog, well, someone beat you to it; but it can actually be done.

By DAVID on December 11, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It started with a question. Kelly Conaboy asked herself if it could be done, and then decided to give it a shot.

First, let’s search through the record books for the largest gingerbread house ever built. That comes in at 60 feet by 42 feet. It was also juuust over 21 feet tall at its peak. That’s 2,520 square feet, and 39,201.8 cubic feet. That’s a big house – larger than a lot of family homes. Kelly didn’t want to do anything near that large – she just wanted a humble abode for her pup. She did, however, get in touch with someone who had built a gingerbread house in a competition. Yes, they exist. The advice Kelly was given was to build some sort of internal structural support.

The next thing Kelly did was to make the gingerbread pieces. She had to modify the recipe, since she didn’t want things harmful to her dog in the cookies. It is edible, after all, so the nutmeg and cloves had to go, and she also skipped on eggs to help with solidity. She got to mixing, and then the baking. Once she had some solid sheets of plywo – sorry, gingerbread – she started on construction. She build an internal frame of cardboard, and then affixed the gingerbread to that. She “glued” the pieces together with an icing mixture, and then decorated. You can follow her pretty much successful build step-by-step over here.

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