Son Didn’t Make The High School Team? Just Sue The School!

A student tried out for his high school’s Varsity soccer team, but didn’t make it, so the mother decided to sue the school to try get him on a team.

By DAVID on October 1, 2018
(Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

Some parents go way too far trying to get the best and biggest for their children. Sure, I understand, we want them to have the best life we can give them. But suing the school because your son didn’t make the soccer team?

The mother filed a federal lawsuit that says the coach of that team is discriminating against her son. The boy is a Junior at his high school. Last year, he played soccer on the Junior Varsity team. This year he tried out for the Varsity team, but didn’t make the cut. The school does have a rule in place though – if a student doesn’t make the Varsity team, they can not go back to the JV team. This keeps room for younger players to enter the teams. Thus, he had to sit this year out, and couldn’t play on any team. Dave Aronberg, the coach, says the student “was right on the bubble of making the team this year and has some impressive attributes… However, there were a few holes in his game including technical ability and game decision making that put him behind a number of kids.”

The student’s parent’s lawyer says the school is discriminating against the boys, because of that rule about not going back to JV. They claim that the girls’ team does not have that rule, and junior girls can play on the JV team. The lawyer also says that there are 7 open spots on the guy’s JV team, and there’s no reason why the student couldn’t play on that team. Should the student be allowed back on the JV team, or is this experience just a part of life, and should be motivation to try harder next year? Here’s some more info on the story, and the judge should be making a decision sometime today.

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