Songwriter Accuses Jason Aldean Of Plagiarism On ‘You Make It Easy’

A Canadian songwriter claims that Jason Aldean plagiarized a song that he wrote back in 2015 titled ‘Easy.’ Compare the tracks for yourself.

By Admin on May 24, 2018
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A Canadian songwriter, Connor Shaw, claims that Jason Aldean plagiarized a song that he wrote back in 2015 titled “Easy.”

Connor wrote the song when he was still attending classes to earn his music degree. He tweeted, “This particular song ended up being quite well-received by the instructor in one of my songwriting courses, so I chose to post the song online.”

According to Pop Culture, a year later in October 2017, a singer/songwriter family friend from Nashville contacted him via Facebook. So he offered to share his demos.

When he heard Jason Aldean’s “You Make It Easy” in February 2018, Connor instantly recognized it. It sounded eerily similar to “Easy.” He contined:

“I thought ‘Hmm, that’s funny.’ My song uses that as the hook for the chorus, I wonder what this sounds like. After listening for the first minute of the song I came to the shocking realization that “You Make It Easy” uses the same hook and melody as my song.”

He also pointed out similarities in the actual lyrics themselves, which you can see below.

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Connor teamed with an entertainment lawyer who sent a cease and desist letter to Florida Georgia Line’s lawyer (FGL, Morgan Wallen, and Jordan Schmidt have writing credits on Jason’s song):

“Essentially their lawyer responded with a long-winded and incredibly condescending letter informing us that no matter what we did we would never have enough money to out-lawyer their team. Beyond that, their isn’t much I can do other than watch the song I wrote gain an unbelievable amount of popularity. And for those wondering, I did reach out to my family friend to ask who she sent the song to and she wouldn’t tell me.”

He further concluded, “I just can’t shake this feeling that my song was taken from me and I can’t do anything about it. Well played, Jason Aldean. Well played. Have fun with my #1 song.”

Compare the tracks below.

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