Squirrel Surprises Delivery Guy, Tries Signing For Package

A delivery driver made a new friend while making a delivery, and it was totally nuts that it was caught on camera, too.

By DAVID on December 10, 2018
(Photo by Haydn West – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

Ok, so the squirrel didn’t actually try signing for the package, but he definitely startled the delivery guy.

The UPS driver is dropping off a package for this family, and rings the doorbell. Much to my surprise, he didn’t just throw the package at the door and speed off across the lawn like the last delivery guy that came to my house. Ahem. I’m not bitter. No, he rang the bell, and waited for the family to open the door. While he was waiting, a squirrel came up behind him, and then jumped onto his shoulder. Mr. UPS man is surprised since he obviously wasn’t expecting it, but overall remained calm. Then as the squirrel started climbing onto his head, he couldn’t help but start laughing at the experience.

Luckily for us, this family has a Ring doorbell with the camera, and shared the video online. What a funny video to start out the week, right? Have you ever seen an animal befriend a delivery driver on your porch?

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