Steph Curry For The Win! (Again, And This Time It Has Nothing To Do With A Game)

…And does Curry’s handwriting not look vaguely familiar??

By kncitom on November 30, 2018
(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

As good a basketball player as Golden State Warrior player Steph Curry is, it sure seems like he’s an even better human. There are tons of stories of him reaching back to fans who’ve reached out, and the latest one might be among the best: a young girl named Riley, from Napa, wrote Curry to say she was disappointed that when she went online to buy a pair of Under Armor’s Steph Curry sneakers, there weren’t any for sale in the girl’s section.

Her dad posted his disappointed daughter’s letter on Instagram…alongside the letter Curry sent back to her. The images have now been shared thousands of times, including below by sports reporter Darren Rovell.   

It’s a pretty epic response (and worth noting that to make Curry even cooler…does his handwriting not look like Disney font???) 

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