Stockton Pit Bull Becomes ‘Hero Dog’ Carrying Baby from Fire By the Diaper

By Pacey on June 12, 2018
(Photo by VCG/Getty Images)

Sasha, the puppy pit bull saved the 7-month old Masailah by dragging her by the diaper away from danger of the fire. Since they met, they’ve had a special bond the entire time, they even slept in the same bed together every night. The dog started barking and yelping at the family before any of the humans in the house could tell something was wrong. The family noticed that was not her typical behavior, and noticed a glow coming from the next door. By the time the mother noticed the fire, the puppy had already tried dragging Masailah to safety by the diaper. Unfortunately the fire got to their place, and is now unlivable. Click here for the full story and to donate to their GoFundMe page.

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