Stranded Motorist Doesn’t Realize The Man Who Stopped To Help Him Is An NFL Hall Of Famer

By kncipat on November 6, 2020
Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

In Texas football is a religion. That goes for every day of the week and especially on Sunday. A couple of rainy Sundays ago a man was stranded in the parking lot of a Gainsville Pack N Mail store. His car battery was dead. Like a lot of us he had the hood of his car up and was staring at it hoping the problem would magically fix itself. That’s when an SUV pulled up next to him. The driver, a balding, overweight man in his early 70’s got out, put his protective mask on and offered to help. He got out his jumper cables, attached them to the stranger’s battery first, and then his. The stranded 20-something got in his car and fired it up. That’s when the balding man in the mask threw both of his arms up in the air and yelled, “touchdown!” The younger man thanked him and offered him money. The good Samaritan chuckled and told him that wasn’t necessary. He detached his battery cables, put them back in his SUV, waved and slowly drove away. The younger man went into the Pack N Mail store and learned from the staff that the kind man who just helped him was NFL Hall Of Famer and 4 Time Super Bowl Champ Terry Bradshaw. A woman who was nearby got the whole exchange on video and posted it on social media with the caption, “This is why I’m a Terry Bradshaw fan. Super humble fella. The world needs more people like Terry Bradshaw. He is a blessing to so many people and probably doesn’t even know it.” To see the video which is awesome when Terry throws his arms in the air and yells, “Touchdown!” head here


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