Students At Sac State To Receive Federal Relief Aid Starting Next Week

Federal aid is reportedly coming to Sacramento State University, to help students with emergency funds during this time of quarantine.

By NathanG on May 1, 2020
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Starting next week, students from Sacramento State University will be receiving relief aid in the form of money sent straight to their bank accounts.

According to Good Day Sacramento, an estimated 29,000 of the university’s 30,000 students will receive portions of the $17.8 million in federal aid, used to ease the financial strain from COVID-19 impacts. Ed Mills, the Vice President of Student Affairs, shared situations that many students are facing during this quarantine period and why this federal aid is a welcome relief. “Many of our students work those hourly-wage jobs that have gone away,” Mills explained. “They have to figure out what is next and how do I keep paying my rent or buying the food that I need, that is important.”

Students, like Sage Beamon, are breathing a sigh of relief. “I think during this time I was lowkey extra stressed because of classes and stuff. I thought ‘Oh, great another thing to worry about!'” Beamon explained. She continued: “When there is no events, there is no money. The relief that is coming. That is going to help me for a month, it’s like I can breathe easy for at least a month.”

Reportedly, students who qualify for financial aid will automatically see money directly in their accounts or by mail. The amount students receive will also reportedly be based on individual needs and broken down into three categories. Students who need the most help based will receive up to $850, the second group of funding will receive $400 and the third group of students who qualify for financial aid, but have not applied, will get $200.

Are you a student benefiting from this federal aid? What do you think about the funds to help out students during this time?

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