Students Out Of Money And Certificates After College Abruptly Closes In Sacramento And Modesto

By Admin on December 6, 2018
Graduation Ceremony
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

I had no idea this could even happen. But yesterday morning Brightwood College sent an email to students alerting them that campuses in Sacramento and Modesto would close. According to CBS 13, the company that runs the campuses lost its accreditation.  

The news comes just two months before graduation for many students. “I have dropped almost $26,000 into this program to get my certificate and I’m not getting my money back,” said nursing student Andrea Pitzer.

The Education Corporation of America, which runs Brightwood College, will close all (over 70) campuses across the country. Some reports say the closure will happen after the current term. However, more say that students will not be able to finish their degrees.

One student in Salida, CA said, “They just told us that we had to be out of the school Friday because it was going to be closed,” per the Modesto Bee.

KSEQ says that just two months ago Education Corp. owed $50,000,000 to creditors. 

Brightwood College told some students they will attempt to get them in programs elsewhere. They also said they’d provide transcripts. Hopefully credits will transfer over, but with the loss of accreditation, that remains to be seen. 

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