MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 21: A Subway sandwich is seen in a restaurant as the company announced a settlement over a class-action lawsuit that alleged that Subway engaged in deceptive marketing for its 6-inch and 12-inch sandwiches and served customers less food than they were paying for on October 21, 2015 in Miami, Florida. While it denies the claims, Subway said that franchisees would be required to have a measurement tool in stores to make sure loaves are 12-inches.
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Subway Testing Subs Served on King’s Hawaiian Bread

They may not be testing it in Sacramento, but they’re testing it pretty close! One of the markets that is being tested is Reno, NV, so it’s only a two hour drive away! The other markets that are being tested are Champagne, IL and Richmond, VA, totally at about 300 store locations.  This begins on June 27th, so if you plan on going to Reno anytime soon, you’ll be able to get a sub served with 8-inch King’s Hawaiian Rolls. They look different because they’re baked fresh and a different size, but they have the same sweet taste. This test ends September 4th, but if all goes well hopefully it will happen nationwide!


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