Taco Bell Now Selling Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze

By Pacey on October 22, 2019
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Taco Bell)

As if I needed any other reason to go to Taco Bell, they’re now selling something that sounds AMAZING!

These new Strawberry Sour Skittle Freezes are at participating Taco Bell locations just in time for Halloween.

The sour twist on the drink includes a ribbon of sourness made from actual Sour Skittle candies.

They’re also not too crazy of a price! They sell for two sizes, $2.49 and $2.79 each, respectively.



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New at Taco Bell: Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze! Strawberry Skittles Freeze with sour flavor made from Sour Skittle candies!

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