Taylor Swift Getting Sued Over App

Taylor Swift is being sued over her app “The Swift Life” because she using the name without permission, claims the plaintiff.

By DAVID on July 20, 2018
(Photo by Carrie Davenport/Getty Images for TAS)

Taylor Swift has a gaming and lifestyle app called “The Swift Life.” Seems reasonable, I mean, her name is Swift and all. Well, she’s being sued over that app by a guy who says he owns that name.

The Swift Life and SwiftLife are two totally unrelated things, and just by reading this sentence you can see how they could be confused. The Swift Life is Taylor Swift’s gaming app, which is more of a lifestyle/social media app. It lets you get Taylor Swift news updates, watch videos, interact with other fans, and see what Taylor is doing. Pretty cool, if you’re a hardcore Swift fan.

SwiftLife is a computer consulting business. A little more professional than The Swift Life. Patrick Benot owns the company which he runs by himself. He’s saying that Taylor (nor her “people”) contacted him before using the name. He also says that Taylor Swift and her people know better than to just trademark a name like that. He also added that Taylor herself has trademarked 64 things on her own, and should know the process very well. He’s suing, saying her app “has caused him endless grief.” His email inbox is also being flooded with emails from people using the app, since they don’t know he’s not affiliated. See some more info here.

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