Teen Robs 9-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand At Gunpoint

A teen not only robbed a 9-year-old of his lemonade money, but the low-life used a B.B. gun to scare the kid even more.

By DAVID on August 6, 2018
(Photo by Carl Juste/Miami Herald)

What in the world is happening in the world these days? A teen, presumably a young teen, robbed a 9-year-old boy’s lemonade stand. At gunpoint. We say “presumably young,” because it seems that the teen made his getaway on a bicycle.

It happened in North Carolina. A 9-year-old was all set up – he had his stand, he had his lemonade. He had a few customers that day too. He was selling lemonade when a teen walked up to the stand. According to the police report, the teen put a gun in the boy’s stomach. That’s when the teen demanded the money. The 9-year-old handed over the cash, and the teen took off.

The report says that the teen made off with less than 20 bucks. He was wearing a camouflage hat, which police found in the woods nearby. Police also found a tin cup, used to store the cash, and a B.B. gun. Police think that the teen left a bicycle there so he could get away from the scene. The teen hasn’t been caught, but hopefully he gets what he deserves. Seriously, who steals from a kid running a lemonade stand? See some more info on the ordeal here.

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