Teenagers Break Into Weed Shop And Steal….Oregano!

By kncipat on September 27, 2018
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Whoops!  A bunch of teenagers in Colorado Springs broke into a pot dispensary and stole all of the display items.  Surprise!  They were all filled with oregano.

The teens stole a van and according to kcra.com drove it through the store front of Native Roots.  Those Grinches cleaned out the display case quick as a flash, why they even took the last can of who-hash.  Problem is, as owner Kim Casey said, “Our product is never out.  It’s all oregano.”

The teens left the van and made off with arm fulls of the wrong herb!  (Leave the gun.  Take the cannoli!)

As yet the teens haven’t been caught, and the Native Roots, despite needing a new front door, is open for business.

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