That Peloton Woman Now Stars In Ad Poking Fun At HER Ad

And believe it or not actor Ryan Reynolds is behind it

By kncitom on December 9, 2019

Not sure how this all got worked out legally, but that actress who stars in the much talked-about and mostly-maligned ad for Peloton stationary bikes is back, this time in an ad for actor Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin. 

In it, the actress seems to be poking fun of her hard-driving, goal-setting Peloton self by having a girl’s night out with friends. The ad even seems to indicate she may have left the dude who got her the bike: she has a sort of dazed look on her face throughout the commercial, and there is a toast to “new beginnings”.

Regardless of what’s really going on, it’s pretty funny and props to Ryan Reynolds or whoever is on his marketing team for striking while the iron is still hot 


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