The Best Way to Clean Your Grill…Is With THIS

By Pacey on July 6, 2021

Everyone loves grilling during the summer, but no one loves cleaning the grill to get it ready. That’s why this grill cleaning hack is brilliant in so many ways! Use a raw onion to clean that grill! First, it’s natural and non-toxic. It’s also pretty effective at getting those nasty charred bits off the grill, saving you time and energy for something more fun!

Here’s how it works….while your grill is still hot, put half of a fresh, white onion on the end of tongs or a fork. Then tub it all over the grill. The combo of heat plus the natural onion enzymes in its juice will take all that stuff off your grill in no time. If you find that the gunky stuff is a little extra stubborn & sticky, you can splash some vinegar on there to help loosen and get that stuff off! When you’re done, you can just throw that used onion half in with the charcoal to add a little extra flavor for next time!

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