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By austind03 on March 8, 2022

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Miesha is joining us with an update about her sister!


We get it, siblings fight! Today, Miesha is coming clean to younger sister, Alyssa ON-AIR! Find out which of Alyssa’s belongings Miesha destroyed years ago!


Deena’s friend was having problem with her stalker ex, so they posted certain content to her social media for him to see and be jealous! 


Is it rude to play video games while your mom is sleeping in the hospital? 


Leah went on a date and when they got back to his place, she went through his bathroom cabinets to look for signs of another woman! 


Cassie has been holding on to this secret for 15 years! When her and her husband were dating, she had his email password and snooped through his email. Then, she accidentally deleted his email account! To this day, her husband doesn’t know how that email account was deleted…


Caroline comes clean by sharing that when she was in high school, she would drive down the hill before going to church and smoke a cigarette! 


He loves the Kings, he loves the Giants, and doesn’t HATE the Dodger or the Lakers…


Tammy was working at a pizza restaurant when a group of guys come in. They ordered an extra-large pizza and sent it back because it was undercooked. The restaurant makes another pizza, and they send this one back because it was undercooked. Listen to find out what happens on the next remake of this perfect pizza! 


Lorrie is in high school and with her church group completing a scavenger hunt. They enter a 7-Eleven where unwraps a Snickers bar but doesn’t eat it! Instead, she puts it back without paying…


Crystal works 60-hour weeks. She tells her new employee that she is only stepping away to the manager’s office for a second. But it wasn’t just a second, it was 30 minutes. Also, it wasn’t to work…it was to nap!


Bre from Elk Grove threw a Bop It at her sister and broke the window. To avoid getting in trouble, she covered it up with a poster. Years later the window was miraculously fixed…How? Listen to find out. 


Tom’s niece, Nicole, learns the truth about her mother blaming her for something she did years ago…


Talia was on a date and has kept a secret about what happened at the California State Fair. 


Shanni gets Botox to help her migraines. And it works. Because her Doctor prescribes it, her insurance pays for it. But it’s become more of just injections for migraines….it’s morphed into vanity.


Liz was trying to park in a tight space and hit a car. If you did that what would be your next move? Well years later what Liz did (or didn’t do) bothered her so much that she’s ready to tell the whole story.


This story comes from a guy who works here… Carmichael Dave. When he was 8 or 9, he damaged a key part of his room and never told his mom or dad…


Logan was in his early 20s and mad at his dad (who knows why). His dad’s big claim to fame was his chili. Logan’s dad had won their town’s chili cook off 6 years running. To spite his dad Logan entered the contest, even though he knew nothing about making chili. As Logan said, he could barely boil water. So Logan might have cheated… okay, straight up yes, he cheated.


This happened to Rachel when she was young, as in grade school. She’s now in her 30’s and wants to confess (mostly because she’s gone from feeling bad, to horrible, to just plain awful for what she did). And it’s not so much what she did as why.


All of us have gone into work when we weren’t feeling 100%. In some lines of work that’s NOT okay. Nick was working at a pizza place in Folsom a few years ago when this happened. Maybe you’ve even eaten there (hope not).


This must have been weighing heavily on Sonia’s conscience for over 15 years because she volunteered for this. It has to do with her wonderful husband, and it happened before they were married…


When you purposely steal something (unlike inadvertently walking off with it) you’re supposed to show remorse and maybe ask for forgiveness. Not Marissa. We’re still not sure how she snuck/stole this from a crowded bar, but she did. And she somehow managed to fit the whole thing into a suitcase and bring it home on an airplane. She’s agreed to let us call the bar so that she can confess her crime to them as well as all of us during our Confessional.


It seems like every other month we keep running into the same problem with Tom. He steals stuff. For real. He doesn’t look at it that way. Well, he used to not look at it that way. It’s not so much what he took… it’s where he took it from!


That’s right; we got Jon Pardi to enter our confessional!


Ever do something bad at work or in your personal life that somebody else got blamed for? How did you handle it? Did you come clean? For Ben it happened at work and it’s kind of big. Will he come clean?


Keegan, mother of 3, joined a gym to get back into shape. At least… that’s what she thought she was doing, but it quickly turned into something completely different. Keegan will tell the whole story when she enters our Confessional!

Today’s Confessional comes from Tom. For as long as we’ve known him, Tom has been, well… cheap. However, what he did on a recent flight to avoid spending a couple of bucks and who he disappointed in doing so might be a new low…


By now you’ve heard about the gas station in Rancho Cordova that accidentally was selling gas for 69-cents a gallon last Thursday. Before they could correct the error, the station had lost almost $20,000 in revenue. While we’d all like to stick it to the oil companies for sticking it to us, this ended up costing a good man his job. The manager owned his mistake and was let go. But how did the word get out so fast? A text? A phone call to family and friends? Nope, a social media post. The man who made the post that turned into hundreds of people flocking to the station entered our Confessional this morning.


Is your phone password protected? What about your tablet or laptop? If not you might want to take that step especially if you have kids around your electronic devices! Jay got his dad in big trouble. His dad always suspected it was him, but didn’t know for sure…


Janelle did something that she thought would really help one of her kids and it backfired…big time. This happened over a year ago and she’s been bribing her son not to blab because her husband doesn’t know.


Hannah went to great extents to hide from her then boyfriend that she had no idea how to ski, no desire to learn, and really wasn’t a fan of physical outdoor activities. To this day he had no idea the hoops she jumped through to keep up a fake front. But, he’s about to find out when Hannah enters our Confessional…


Nora was in what you’d probably call a toxic relationship. And when her then boyfriend would cheese her off, she made sure he knew by messing with his truck. Exactly what did she do? Did he have any clue she was the one messing with his F150?


Monica ran into a little trouble with her boyfriend. Okay, it may have ben more than a little. And she created even bigger trouble for him. What did she do and why did she do it?


Considering Chris thought this up when he was only 13, it’s genius! He had a bunch of lawns that he mowed in the summer. The young business entrepreneur wanted to get more $$$ out of his clients, and wait ’til you hear how he did it!


Sarah was working retail when she ran into a customer who was beyond rude. She accused Sarah of using improper speech because she said, “No Worries.” So Sarah took matters into her own hands that might have affected the lady’s bill.


Marissa lived in Dublin, Ireland for a short time. When she came back to live in the United States (where she’s from) she took something from Dublin with her… something she shouldn’t have taken. Marissa will be confesses not only to us, she’ll also be confessing it to the owner of the stolen item!


As a teen, Ron accidentally broke a window in his mom’s car. To this day she doesn’t know it was him… but she is about to find out.


Melissa Peterman is a Hollywood actress and a very funny stand-up comedian. She was even in the movie, “Fargo,” and she had many TV roles, including co-staring on the Reba McEntire show! It was through Melissa that Pat and Tom got to be extras in an episode of “Reba.” While we were on location, one of us may have stolen something we shouldn’t have…


Skylar is on 2 Zoom calls a week and has been pranking a coworker and good friend for the past 18 months. How? He makes sure he’s wearing either the exact same outfit as his coworker or something very, very similar! When you think about it, it’s a pretty brilliant prank. But how does he pull it off?


Guys, don’t be this stupid. And if you are going to be this stupid… at least lock your phone.


Nick has something he wants to get off his chest. It has to do with his last job, a mistake he made and how he allowed someone else to take the blame and suffer some pretty heavy consequences.


This happened to Jay when he was in high school. (he’s now 24). It involves doing some things he probably shouldn’t have done on his dad’s work laptop. It also involves his dad getting in trouble because of it.


Tomorrow’s confession comes from Tom. He stole something from a restaurant back in 1988. It wasn’t a menu or something you could fold up and walk away with. It was something solid….in fact it was 2 items.


Amanda’s confession, which apparently she’s carried around for quite a while, involves her now husband, her ex and a text (or two). 


Scott cashed out at the concession stand, and now he’s coming clean.


Is Pat getting a discount? Should he be getting a discount? Should he just keep his mouth shut about it?


Aaron is a teacher, and he’s kind of had it with teenagers.


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