There’s Country, New Country, And Now, Old Folks Country

By kncitom on September 2, 2020
photo courtesy Getty Images

We first got acquainted with Camden Springs Retirement Center when we were invited to help celebrate Sam Rinelli’s 103rd birthday- which a lot of you helped celebrate too with a massive drive-by birthday parade. 

Well, since then we’ve gotten to know their activities coordinator, Chelsea, who told us one of the challenges during the pandemic is finding things for their residents to be a part of. So that’s why we started sending them country song lyrics. The residents read them, Chelsea records them, and what you get is country GOLD. 

We’ve found the lyrics that work best are those from the so-called “Bro-country” trend from a few years ago, where a lot of songs referred to trucks, tailgates, “girls”, and partying in hay fields. So if you have a few minutes, click below to hear, in order, Bernice, reading the lyrics to Shake It For Me from Luke Bryan, Marilyn, with a special reading of Honky Tonk Badonka Donk, Barbara, Indian Outlaw and another Marilyn with Truck Yeah.



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