They Say People Who Decorate For Christmas Earlier Are Happier

To all the naysayers, it turns out that people who bring out their Christmas decorations earlier are actually happier, and gave some pretty good reasons why.

By DAVID on November 5, 2018
(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

I know a bunch of people who pulled their Christmas decorations out of the closet after locking the door after passing out candy on Halloween. Turns out those people are the happiest, according to psychologists. I mean, after all that chocolate, I’d be happy too, but let’s explain.

We all get stressed out. Even when we love our jobs and families, sometimes they just get under our skin. Traffic, running late, planning dinner – we get stressed out. When we’re stressed out, we naturally tend to seek out things that make us happy. We want to feel happy, of course, and maybe bring back memories of childhood. You remember when you didn’t have obligations or huge responsibilities. Cue Christmas decorations. Christmas was always a wonderful time of the year. The decor, the smells, the colors, it was always so exciting! When we decorate, we’re bringing those memories back, and it makes us happy. Early decorations helps those memories stuck around longer, thus, more happiness.

Amy Molin is a psychotherapist, and she says that decorating early can also connect you with someone you lost. Maybe you used to decorate the tree with your mom every year, but she’s no longer with us. It sort of gives you some time to feel connected to her, or anyone else. And then you get to see all the decorations around, which makes you think of them. So the next time someone makes fun of you for decorating early, smile, call them scrooge, and live your happy life. See some more info over here.

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