Thieves Steal Shark From Texas Aquarium!

They disguised the shark as a baby and rolled it out in a stroller!

By kncipat on July 31, 2018
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

It wasn’t a prank and it wasn’t part of Shark Week.  Thieves took a  one and a half foot shark out of an open tank aquarium, disguised it as a baby and rolled it out in a stroller.  And they would have gotten away with it to if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!   This happened Saturday at the San Antonio Aquarium.  According to the New York Post, the staff didn’t realize the shark was missing for 45 minutes.  The gray horn shark can survive out of water for a couple of hours so is was imperative that the Leon Valley police act quickly.   Surveillance video posted on the San Antonio Aquarium’s facebook page shows 2 men and 1 woman taking the shark after they distracted employees by pouring bleach into two other tanks.  The staff acted quickly relocating the fish inside the bleached aquariums but didn’t notice the shark being wheeled out in a baby carriage.

Leon Valley Police were able to identify the getaway vehicle and one of the men in the video. One arrest has been made, two other arrests are pending. And the shark, Miss Helen, is now back home and she’s actually doing well.

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