Thomas Rhett Uses Celebrity Status For Good Causes

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, believe in using fame as a platform to raise awareness for charities and other good causes.

By Admin on August 13, 2018
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Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, have been active in their charity work for a long time. It helps to remind them of what’s most important in life.

“I remain grounded in a lot of ways,” Rhett told Big Machine Label Group. “My family probably being at the top of that list, my wife for sure. My wife is kind of always the one to be there and be like, ‘Hey, just so you know, you’re not as cool as you think you are’. And Lauren and me are definitely involved in a lot of stuff overseas. We do a lot of stuff in Uganda. My wife is involved in an organization over there that works with an orphanage there and in Haiti, and so we’re always trying to figure out ways that we can give back and be of as best service as we possibly can.”

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In fact, Rhett and Akins adopted Willa Gray from Uganda after meeting her through 147 Million Orphans. The couple uses their fame to highlight good causes and charities.

“So, me and Lauren, we’ve started just viewing this job as an entertainer as a platform and as an outlet to be able to give money where it’s needed,” Rhett continued. “Or to even just speak and raise awareness for certain things.”

We certainly need more people like Rhett and Akins! It’s inspiring and admirable to see people of influence using their power to spread good. We don’t see enough of that!

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