Thomas Rhett Goes “Rhettro” With 90s-Inspired Fashion Swimwear Line

Inspired by the 90s…because don’t we all miss neon swim trunks?

By kncitom on August 6, 2019

Thomas Rhett is a sneakerhead–he takes 40 different pair out on the road. But he’s also a fashion geek in other ways: he’s just announced a line of casual weekend wear.

Thomas has partnered up with the Chubbies clothing company and released this funny, very-tongue-in-check video announcing the new selection of “Rhettro” products. The tanks, shorts, shirts and tees are all inspired by, as he puts it “The radical gear of the classic 90s weekend“. As someone who lived 90s fashion in real time, I can tell you: they did a pretty good job.  If you want a laugh, check out his commercial, and if you want the gear, click here




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