Throwing Sausage At Your Mother Will Get You Arrested, Just Ask This Guy

This 22-year-old wanted his mother to make him some dinner, but got mad at her when she was busy and then threw all the sausage at her.

By karlibenoit on October 11, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

This guy found out the hard way that if you throw sausage at your mother, you’re going downtown. 22-year-old Hermes wanted his 41-year-old mother to cook him some food. After getting impatient, the food-battle started.

So, Hermes was hungry around 8pm on Monday night. A typical dinner time I suppose. But rather than making himself some food, he asked his mother to do it for him. According to the police report, she agreed, but needed a few minutes because she was busy. Apparently Hermes didn’t like that, so he threw some sausage at his mother. It seems that he threw all the sausage at her (rather than into a frying pan, which probably would have been less effort). One of the sausage pieces hit her in the eye.

Police got involved after that, and Hermes was arrested. He wasn’t arrested just for the sausage throwing, oh no. He also allegedly pushed his mother, and then placed his hands around her neck. Again, wouldn’t have been less effort to just cook your own food at this point? Here’s the best part – his defense. He says that his mother “bumped” into him, and that’s why he threw the sausage. He also said, I’m not making this up, that he wouldn’t have don it if she apologized. Misdemeanor domestic battery, and a $750 bond. That’s an expensive dinner that he didn’t even get to eat.

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