About Times! Sacramento Gets Some Love From New York Times

By kncitom on June 1, 2018

We know what we have here in Sacramento but for a long time anyone not from here thought of our town–if they thought of us at all–as a hot, dusty, boring government town, with cows.

That perception could be changing though.

A travel writer for the New York Times spent 36 hours in Sacramento and came away impressed.

Freda Moon acknowledged right up front the perception that “as a travel destination, California’s Capital gets no respect”. She then spent the rest of her article completely debunking that notion, keying in on what we’ve been aware of for a long time: Sacramento has a lot more going for it than first meets the eye.

Moon noted the city’s proximity to two “impressive” rivers, our “thriving” cultural scene and called Sacramento’s lack of pretension “welcome”, especially compared to the state’s “glittery, glamorous coastal cities”.

Moon noted the city’s thriving beer and farm-to-fork foodie scene, our tidy tree-lined neighborhoods (made famous recently by the movie Ladybird) and landmarks like the Crocker Art Museum and the California History Museum. She noted the coffee at Temple Coffee Roasters, the burgers at Broderick’s Roadhouse, the brews of New Helvetia and Jack Rabbit, and said the R Street corridor is full of “intriguing shops and designers”.

She also got away from downtown and saw what a lot of weekend visitors might miss–the beauty of the American River parkway, the throwback country cool of the new Johnny Cash Memorial Trail in Folsom, and the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, which provides basically the backbone of California’s salmon fishery. Unmentioned..? Former Sacramento tourist-book staples like Old Sacramento and Sutter’s Fort. Which isn’t to knock those places; it just shows how much the city has changed.

She touched positively on a bunch of other stuff too–from Raley Field to our dockless e-bike program. About the only thing she left out? New Country 105.1. Maybe she had to edit for space.

Read the article here, and see if your chest doesn’t swell with pride a little because you already knew what a great place this hot little government town is.


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