Two Cities Near Sacramento Among “Most Livable Small Cities In The US” List

By Admin on April 24, 2018
Most Livable Small Cities Vacaville and Folsom Smart Asset (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

I don’t consider Sacramento a huge city. I lived in Chicago for a little bit and that was insane. But, it’s definitely not a small city, like say Vacaville or Folsom. Both of which were named on Smart Assets‘ “Most Livable Small Cities in the US” list.

To be considered a small city, populations had to be between 65,000 and 99,000. The study looked at 11 metrics including concentration of entertainment establishments, bars and restaurants.

Also included was income inequality, housing cost as an the unemployment rate.

Vacaville actually cracked the top 10. The city scored below-average for affordable housing. However, it ranked high for economic opportunity and stuff to do.

Folsom wasn’t too far behind, though. It came in at number 15 on the list. So, if you want to live in a small city, looks like there are some good options near Sacramento.

Do you live in either city? What do you think of them landing on this list? I actually love the Sutter District in Folsom, but I haven’t spent too much time outside of it. Except at a cool music-centered coffee shop and the zoo sanctuary. But, those were cool, too.

Maybe I should move to Folsom…I couldn’t ride my bike to work then, though.

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