Two Elderly Men Got Into A Fight At Costco

Two senior citizens got into an actual fistfight at Costco over line-cutting at the free sample tables.

By DAVID on August 6, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

First we told you about the teen who robbed a 9-year-old at gunpoint in North Carolina. Now, out of South Carolina, two old men got into a fistfight at Costco over some free samples. What’s up, Carolinas?

The story begins with one man, aged 70, waiting for his turn at the free sample counter. That’s when the other man, aged 72, walked up, cut in line, and made off with a cheese sample. Ok, fine, the 70-year-old shrugged it off, and continued about his shopping. Later, at another free sample counter, the same thing happened. The same 72-year-old approached the sample counter. That’s when the 70-year-old said to the guy that “he could get in front of him because he knew he would just cut the line anyway.”

And cut the line he did. But, rather than making off with a cheeseburger sample, the two men started arguing with each other. That’s when the fight happened. The 72-year-old threw a punch, knocking the 70-year-old square on the face. The burger stand worker confirmed the story, and added that not only did it make a loud sound, but that the man’s hat “flew off his head.” The 72-year-old later said that the 70-year-old was “balling his fist,” so he basically decided to hit first since he thought he was going to get hit himself. See some more on the story here.

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