Two Year Old Quits Smoking After Being Given Supply Of Milk & Cookies

A 2-year-old developed a smoking habit after picking up cigarette butts he found outside, and was able to kick a 40-per-day habit thanks to a tasty treat.

By DAVID on August 22, 2018
(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Nevermind the milk and cookies, why was a two-year-old smoking? And how much was he smoking? They say he was going through 40 cigarettes a day! That’s nearly 2 packs!

How’d he get started smoking in the first place? His mom owns a shop along a street market. The boy would find cigarette butts on the ground outside the shop and try them. Eventually he became addicted, and would even ask people walking by for a cigarette. His mom says that if he didn’t have one, he’d get angry and aggravated. He even developed a coffee habit, and couldn’t go to sleep at night without a smoke and a drink. The boy was at his 40-per-day amount for about two months before doctors got involved.

It’s hard to quit smoking if you’ve spent any time doing it. Some people can just “stop” and be fine, cold-turkey. Other people take years of trying. They go through gum, pencils (chewing), weight gain, all sorts of things. All this kid needed was a year’s supply of milk and cookies. Doctors educated the parents of the boy, and the community figured that milk and cookies was a better alternative. He got a year’s supply, and hasn’t picked up a cigarette since. It’s only a few days in, but still, 40-per-day to nothing thanks to milk & cookies. Is there anything that can’t cure?

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