Tyler Rich Using His Social Media Platform To Spread Positivity

By kncitom on August 3, 2018

Props to Yuba City’s Tyler Rich: if this guy’s career takes off like it appears it will, he could end of being one of the active, engaged high profile artists our format has ever seen. Via social media he’s already done some great things for local animal shelters, he’s shown support for fire fighters battling wildfires here in California and for the communities being affected, and yesterday he tweeted about the sensitive subject of depression after the suicide of 32 year old model/performance artist Rick Genest, otherwise known as Zombie Boy.

Tyler used Genest’s death as a springboard to address his fans in a couple of different tweets.

The first simply says:

And in a follow-up Tweet, Tyler indicated that his first Tweet got a lot of response:

Just the fact that he’s not afraid to publicly address this sensitive topic is pretty unusual, especially for a new artist, and we salute Tyler for realizing his ascending music career can also be used as a way to make the world a little better place.

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