Um, Do You Want Fries With That?

By kncitom on July 23, 2018

Mother of two Falon Griffin unexpectedly and quite suddenly went into labor at a Chik Fil A in San Antonio this weekend. With no other choice, she went into the women’s room with her husband Robert and pretty soon, they were parents of three.

The manager called 911 and brought her clean towels…meanwhile, Robert, who had no experience delivering kids, was able to safely bring his newest child into the world and even unwrapped the umbilical cord from around her neck! Baby and mom are fine.

But here’s where it gets really where it gets really good: after it was all over, the manager contacted Chik Fil A corporate headquarters, where it was quickly declared that the little girl, Gracelynn Mae, will get free Chik-Fil A for life AND….when she turns 14… she will have a job waiting for her!

Her proud pop also posted on social media that her birth certificate officially reads that she was born in the bathroom of a Chik Fil A, and that HE was the attending physician.

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