Unborn Baby Kicks Hole In Mothers Womb, Almost Killing Them Both

By Pacey on June 24, 2019
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(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Wow! If you ever had a fear of getting pregnant, this may confirm that fear!

If you’ve ever been pregnant, a baby kicking is actually a pleasant surprise most of the time, except in this situation.

A woman in China was about 35 weeks pregnant when she started complaining about stomach pains. When she got to the hospital, the doctor noticed her blood pressure was extremely low.

The doctor then realized the womb had burst, but did not realize why until after he had performed an emergency C-section. He had to perform this because the mother was losing a lot of blood.

The unborn baby was also at risk of a deadly infection, and that’s when the doctor realized he had kicked a 3-inch tear in the mother’s womb.

Luckily both the baby and the mother are now perfectly fine.

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