UPS Worker Caught Stealing Gifts While Delivering Packages [VIDEO]

This UPS worker didn’t think that anybody witnessed him stealing something out of a package that he was delivering, but there was video. See it and what happened to him…

By Doug Lazy on December 21, 2018

This UPS worker was caught stealing packages! red handed on video opening a package that he was delivering and stealing whatever was inside! See the video of the theft… posted the video of what appears to be a UPS delivery man dropping the packages off and you can see him open one of the packages and take something from inside of it. He then places the object that he stole into his pocket. What the theft on the video below:

The item that was stolen on video appears to be a PlayStation controller.

The person who uploaded the video to Youtube says:

“Los Angeles UPS Driver Helper stole a Christmas gift package that he was delivering to my neighbor. He clearly did not notice the building security camera. UPDATE: UPS investigated and terminated this employee. They also engaged local law enforcement.”

We’re happy to see that a Grinch like that lost his job and might be getting into legal trouble, too! 

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