Van Used By Aerosmith In The ’70’s Found In Woods!

“It’s a piece of American Rock and Roll history!”

By kncipat on August 9, 2018

A van used by rockers Aerosmith in the ’70’s has been found in the woods!   Back in their early years this is the van that Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the rest of Aerosmith piled into to get from bar gig to bar gig.

The van was discovered on private property in the small town of Chesterfield, Massachusetts.  The property owner said the van was there in a wooded area when he bought the land.  According to the van is a 1964 International Harvester Metro van.  On the side of the van is the iconic 1970’s keep on truckin’ guy with the word Aerosmith painted next to him.  Honestly it looks like an old milk truck hippie van!

The property owner contacted the producers of the tv show American Pickers to see if the van was connected to the band.  The hosts of the show, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, were able to get in touch with original Aerosmith member, Ray Tabano.  Ray got in touch with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and they both came out to look at it.   Turns out, yep, it’s the original Aerosmith van!  Tabano says it’s been at least 40 years since they’ve been in it.  They’d drive it from, “Boston up to New Hampshire for $125 per gig.  Then after gas, the tolls, and the food and back, we’d make like $3 apiece,” said Tabano.

American Pickers paid $25,000 for it because, as Wolfe says, “it’s a piece of American rock and roll history!”  Will they donate it to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?  Right now they’re undecided. One of the possibilities is to do a restoration show with it.  Another is to get the original members together with the van as a centerpiece and have them tell stories about their early days.  What would be cool would be to completely restore the van and then have Aerosmith climb in and use it one last time (and then donate it!).

Here’s what the van looks like now.

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