Vending Machine Lets You Swap Out The Halloween Candy You Don’t Like For A Reese’s!

By kncipat on October 30, 2018

Even after you sit down and swap the Halloween candy you don’t want with your siblings and friends you still have leftover candy that nobody wants.  What do you do with it?  This year if you’re lucky enough to be in New York you can take it to the Reese’s Candy Exchange Vending Machine.  Where was this when I was a kid??  You put in the candy you don’t want and out pops a Reese’s Cup.  There are a few hoops though.  First, there’s only one of these and it’s in Manhattan.  Second, it’ll only work on Halloween between 4p and 9p.  However if this thing catches on (and why wouldn’t it), we could have one in Sacramento next year.  To see this brilliant machine head here

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