Vigil To Remember Pittsburgh Shooting Victims To Be Held At Sacramento Synagogue

By kncitom on October 29, 2018

B’Nai Israel synagogue in Sacramento is no stranger to prejudice: in 1999 it was the target of a hate-fueled crime spree and set on fire, along with two other Sacramento synagogues that turned out to be part of a larger crime spree involving two brothers, who were convicted of those crimes and also of firebombing an abortion clinic and murdering a gay couple in Shasta County.

Still, like so many across America and around the world, the synagogue leaders have chosen love over hate, and will hold a memorial vigil tonight (Monday, 10/29) in honor of the 11 victims of Saturday’s shooting rampage at a Pittsburgh synagogue. 

At a memorial service yesterday, Rabbi Mendy Cohen said, “We’re all one,” Cohen said. “When one is attacked, we’re all one. All good people in the world are one. We have to stand up. When we don’t stand up, evil gets stronger and stronger.

If you’d like to attend the memorial tonight, it starts at 7 at the synagogue , which is located at 3600 Riverside. For more about the synagogue, click here for their website and here for more details about tonight’s vigil

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