Waffle House Employee Came To Work And Tried To Skip His Graduation…His Coworkers Wouldn’t Let Him

By kncipat on June 9, 2021
Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

No tickets. No cap and gown. No proper clothes to wear. And no ride. So high school senior Timothy Harrison walked to work at a Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama. If he had to miss his graduation he at least could make a little money. Timothy Harrison’s coworkers weren’t having it. “Aren’t you going to your graduation?” asked his manager. Timothy’s answer, “I don’t want to miss work.” His coworkers led by Shantana Blevins went into action. They ran out and got Timothy a dress shirt, tie, pants, and what one coworker called “proper shoes.” Then it was Shantana who ordered Timothy into her car. She stopped by her house, put on a dress, and drove Timothy 20 miles to Woodlawn High School. Shantana got Timothy to school in time to graduate. The picture of Timothy in cap and gown holding his diploma is priceless. “I have people that want to see me succeed so it kind of made me excited,” said Timothy. But the story doesn’t end there. The pictures of Timothy in cap and gown holding his diploma along with his story went viral. Lawson State Community College has offered Timothy a full scholarship, books included. “Now he can go to college and figure out what to do in his life and we’re gonna help guide him,” said Timothy’s boss and Waffle House manager Cedric Hampton. A day that started with a lot of doubt finished with a lot of hope and a lot of love.