Walker Hayes Drops ‘Craig’ Official Music Video [WATCH]

Walker Hayes popular hit, ‘Craig,’ finally has an official music video! It’s simple, but very effective and shows the story behind the song.

By Admin on November 27, 2018
walker hayes
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Walker Hayes released the official music video for his 2018 hit, “Craig.”

The song tells the real-life story of a man named Craig that Hayes met in church one day. When the singer and his family fell on hard times, he found himself unable to get a car to fit his family of seven. One day, Craig showed up to Hayes’ son’s baseball game and handed over keys to a minivan for free. The music video shows an animated version of the story as Hayes sits behind a piano.

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Remembering the kindness of his friend, the country star founded the Be a Craig Fund to encourage compassion by providing a way for people to help others. “I’m grateful for some of the scariest days of my life … without them the story of Craig wouldn’t have happened. The Be a Craig Fund lets me be a Craig,” Hayes told Taste of Country.

Check out the music video above!

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