Walmart Customer Takes To Customer Service On His Own [VIDEO]

A man shopping at Walmart for his hunting license decided to take matters into his own hands after not being able to find an employee to help.

By DAVID on April 24, 2018
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

This is great, and is definitely something that we’ve all wanted to do at some point. You’re out shopping, and need a store employee to help you with something, or at least call another employee on the store’s intercom. What do you do? Usually wander around, trying to find someone to help, right?

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Not Forrest Hunter. He was at Walmart trying to get his hunting license. He was in the sporting goods section, and to be honest, we all know that there’s never anyone working in that section – matter of fact, I can’t think of the last time I actually saw someone there. Anyway, Forrest needed to buy a hunting license, and he couldn’t find an associate around anywhere to help him out. So he took it into his own hands, and grabbed the store’s intercom. I’ve totally wanted to do that before, but the fear of getting busted for doing it keeps me quiet, but at the same time – we’re adults, it’s not like we’ll be sent to the principal’s office or anything like that. Here’s a video that Forrest’s girlfriend got of him:

I love that bit at the end. The timid, “I..I’m the customer…” It had me rolling, anyway. Word is that Forrest did eventually get some help with his hunting license, and no, he didn’t get in any sort of trouble with the store. He said the clerk was a little embarrassed when he finally showed up though. See some more on Forrest’s story here. What’s your worst shopping experience ever been? Have you ever thought about using a store’s intercom to get the help that should have already been there?

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