Walmart Is Starting To Deliver Alcohol In Sacramento

Walmart is bringing alcohol straight to your door!

By Doug Lazy on July 25, 2019
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Walmart is sending alcohol straight to your door in Sacramento NOW… says that Walmart is starting an alcohol delivery service from its stores here in the Sacramento area! You can buy alcohol and have it delivered to your doorstep! You can find out more about Walmart’s alcohol delivery HERE

Basically, you’ll have to show proof that you’re 21 and over with identification and sign for the alcohol when it gets to your door. If you don’t they’ll take the alcohol back to the store. And “an order of alcohol totaling 20 gallons or more will not be allowed”.

The article says that the following Walmarts will deliver alcohol in our area:

▪ 5454 Crossings Drive, Rocklin

▪ 900 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville

▪ 8270 Delta Shores Circle, Sacramento

▪ 6051 Florin Road, Sacramento

▪ 5821 Antelope Road, Antelope

For more info, hit up the article


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