Walmart Wants In On The Internet Streaming Content Game

There are so many streaming services out there already, and now Walmart wants to make a bigger name for themselves in the content-pie.

By karlibenoit on October 12, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

It seems that content streaming is the new thing to do, and everyone seems to want in. First Netflix, then Amazon, not to mention Hulu, YouTube, Pluto, Fubo, and all the others we’re not even mentioning. There’s a lot of content out there, so you’d think being a newcomer would be difficult.

Not when you’re Walmart. They want to get into the streaming game too, and they’re serious about it. They just partnered with the movie production company MGM. Walmart already owns the streaming service called Vudu (purchased in 2010), though they’ve been around for almost 15 years now (2004). Walmart has really just started to get ultra-serious and produce new content. The first project they’re going to work on together is a remake of the ’80s comedy movie “Mr. Mom.” They’re planning to have it released for early 2019.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Walmart also partnered with another content creating company, called Eko. They produce “original, interactive content,” and that’s being held as more of a secret. We’re curious though, we’ve seen a couple examples of one of those “pick the next scene” sorts of shows that kind of change and morph around as they play, so we’re wondering if that’s what they’re going to start doing. As of right now, Vudu is a free service thanks to ads that run during content, but we wonder if they’ll start to offer a subscription service soon as well.

Do you think Walmart has what it takes to be a serious competitor in the video streaming industry? Do you think companies are just trying to invest in all sorts of other industries just to make a few extra bucks? Who would have ever thought a retail store would get into at-home video streaming, right? See some more information on Walmart’s new projects over here.

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