Walmart Will Remove Cosmopolitan Magazine From Checkout Aisles

By Cody Briana on March 29, 2018
(Photo By: Scott Olson / Getty Images)

No longer will you see headlines like “Best. Sex. Ever.” in the Walmart checkout line. USA Today reports the retail giant partnered with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to announce they’re removing Cosmopolitan from checkout lines at more than 5,000 stores across the US. However, it will still be found in the magazine racks.

“While this was primarily a business decision, the concerns raised were heard,” a Walmart rep said. NCOSE says girls and boys complained the magazine’s “normalization of sexual objectification and pornography” made them feel pressure “to engage in more risky sex.”

The nonprofit went on to say shoppers “will no longer be automatically exposed to Cosmo’s hypersexualized and degrading article titles that regularly promote pornography, sexting, BDSM, group sex, anal sex, and more, all while marketing toward young teens with Disney star cover models.”

Interesting. I go both ways on this. You? Thoughts?

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