Watch Sacramento Firefighter Win On The Price Is Right

By Admin on May 3, 2018
Sacramento Firefighter on Price is Right (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

While he didn’t end up making to the Showcase Showdown, Fernando Vallejo did walk away with a decent haul. Vallejo is a Sacramento firefighter and was on Wednesday’s episode of “The Price is Right.”

You know how the show works—Vallejo made a successful bid and went on to play a game. Lucky for him, he won and made it to the wheel. But, even though he spun a combined $.95, the person after him ended up with $1.

Don’t feel bad for Fernando Vallejo though. The Sacramento Firefighter ended up going home with nearly $10,000 in prizes. The Sacramento Bee says that he got to keep a foosball table, motorcycle, TV and Blu-Ray player, Coach handbags and a Canon camera.

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