We Asked Local Health Care Professionals How It’s Going These Days

Here’s what they said

By kncitom on December 15, 2020
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There seems to be so much information and misinformation about Covid, especially during this current spike, that Pat, Cody and I decided to use our Facebook platform to ask local health care workers directly how they’re doing and what they’re seeing.  We quickly received over 50 replies. Some were detailed. Some were right to the point. Some just thanked us for asking.

In a year like no other, when the pandemic has been politicized to the point you don’t know who or what to believe, here are some of the answers we got from front line workers themselves. Hopefully this clarifies what they are facing, and what they are going through. Last names and where they work have been excluded.

Laura probably put it most succinctly:

I am a Covid RN. We are at capacity, no more rooms, few vents, running out of supplies.
Morgan echoed Laura’s sentiments.
The hospital is overflowing with patients and they just keep coming. There aren’t enough beds for the amount of patients that are coming in.
Jennifer says it’s worse this time around.
I’m a nurse in a local hospital and Covid cases have increased. We have more now than beginning. Scary.
Lissa had slightly different perspective
I’m in desktop medicine and we screen emails sent from patients. It is all about Covid. So many people sick or out of work. So many people needing testing for holiday travel or wanting to test so they can finally go see family. People ask to be put on “the list” for when the vaccine is available. There is no list, it goes to essential workers, high risk then a first come first serve after that. People are terrified or in denial about the virus, in either case I really empathize with them. I see my friends pulled from the clinics to work the testing centers who go home to their families each day hoping the precautions they have taken have worked and that they wont get sick or get their families sick. Some, I hear, have rented AirBnBs so they can keep their loved ones safe. Its a very stressful time and I hope we can get it all under control soon…stay safe out there everyone.
Suzanne points out that caretakers are becoming patients.
We are exhausted and sad. More people are getting sick, including our co-workers. More people are passing away
The misinformation that’s out there is harmful, and gets to people like Paige: 
I’m a respiratory therapist. (We are) absolutely drowning, (and yet) people talk poorly about what we see & what we do & the integrity of our work.
Kendra warns against putting off seeing a doctor if you’re not feeling well.
More people getting sick. Staff burnout. People waiting too long to go to the hospital for their problems due to fear of Covid and for some it may be too late
Not just health care front liners checked in. This was from Christina.
I work for an insurance company. There are several counties who are out of beds.
And though Samantha was reluctant to weigh in, her take might be the most important to read of them all. 
I’m exhausted explaining. These types of postings rehash stress and the emotional toll that has been taken on many healthcare professionals/hospital team members. I’m not sure of the purpose of us dragging up our physical and mental aches and pain in this type of arena. Take care my healthcare peoples. I’m so proud to be on a team with you all. We have rolled up our sleeves and have given thee most amazing and dedicated care we could, while being scared, tired, aching, and dismissed as liars. I see you all and I appreciate you.

No, we are not “news media”. Pat, Cody and I are just hosts of an entertainment-based morning radio show, on a country station in Sacramento California. We’re not trying to take some sort of political stance whatsoever. We asked this question and posted these answers simply because we care about our listeners, and our community. And we care about truth. So if there is something we can do to help cut through some of the questions and confusions surrounding this terrible pandemic, not only do we want to do it, we feel compelled to…no matter how small our platform. If these very real replies from very real healthcare workers causes just one person to understand Covid and what it’s putting people through a little bit better…? then posting this is very well worth it.

Stay healthy.



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