We Had Our Building Investigated By Ghost Hunters. Here’s What They Found

By kncitom on October 30, 2019
is this stairway haunted?

Ever since moving into our new building at 280 Commerce Circle, we’ve noticed some strange things…and not just the producers at our sister station KHTK. One morning Cody came in and swore she heard a growl. There was noone–person or canine–anywhere nearby. One morning I was prepping for our show, alone in what is called the “jock lounge”. I heard a very audible woman’s sigh from behind me. Thinking it was Cody maybe coming in from a late night I turned around and … nothing. We’ve had unusual malfunctions with equipment that should be operating normally, including just this week, while a co-worker was online her cursor started flying around the screen all on it’s own. Her hand wasn’t anywhere near the mouse. Other co-workers, especially those who work here at night, have reported seeing figures walk by control room windows when there’s nobody else in the building, doors creaking open by themselves, and on and on. Enough to raise an eyebrow, to say the least.

So, we reached out to Charlotte Kosa with California Haunts Paranormal Investigation and asked her and her all-female team to come in and spend a few hours (they do investigations for free, by the way. Just click their name in the previous sentence to find out more). Cody, a fan of shows like Ghost Adventures, joined them.

There was definitely activity.” Cody said at the conclusion of the investigation.

Charlotte agreed. “You’ve definitely got some stuff going on here. We’ve had …hits on our readers…a couple of us got touched, a couple of us felt uneasy in a couple of places, so there’s definitely stuff to look into that’s going on here.

One of the oddest places seems to be a steep stairway in the back of our building, where there seems to be some sort of “energy”, as Cal Haunts team member Trina put it. “Energy is a presence. You can feel it.” 

And pick it up, it seems, on an electronic EMF device, designed to pick up electromagnetic fields. Now, in a building that houses 4 radio stations, you’d expect there to be a considerable amount of EMF. But the ladies pointed out it didn’t go off constantly, like you might expect if there’s electrical interference all around. Instead, says Trina, 

It wasn’t going off and…. we said, ‘if there’s somebody here and you’re not doing anything because you want us to go, give us a sign’,” she makes a sweeping gesture with her hand “The whole field lit up”

They even followed up and gave the “energy” a countdown to confirm it wasn’t happy with their presence and on cue, it communicated again. “I said 1, 2, 3 and it went all the way to the red, and it stayed there for a few seconds.

They also had this funky little device called “The Bug Jar” which is basically a mason jar that has a little electrode (the “bug”) at the end of a wire connected to a special lid designed to detect touch. When someone touches the lid, the “bug” goes off, lighting up and bouncing around inside the glass like a firefly losing its mind. Like this….  (continue reading below)

Cody says she was impressed.

I went into it thinking we wouldn’t find anything. I had some weird experiences before but wrote them off. But I’ve changed my tune. We got interesting readings on meters and devices, and some strange things happened I can’t explain-like a broken overhead speaker that suddenly started playing when we were asking if anyone was nearby. I’m now a believer and a ‘ghost hunter’! Dreams do come true!

So, why our building? Charlotte thinks it has something to do not with the physical building itself or its history but where we’re located, near the American River, where a lot of history has happened over the centuries. Water itself can be a strong conduit for electricity. And, there are theories that spirits can be drawn to places with large electrical outputs–like radio stations. Check out our little post-hunt video with the ladies of California Haunts and see what they have to say-especially about one entity that may be sweet on Cody.

And then…decide for yourself.

Happy Halloween!


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