Wedding Photographer Shoves The Bride’s Mother-In-Law to Get Photo at Wedding

By Pacey on March 25, 2019
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Since I just got married a couple months ago, I have to completely agree with the wedding photographer at this wedding. Ashley Easterling, the wedding photographer, was trying to get a picture of the couple during their first official kiss as a married couple, when the mother in law stepped directly IN FRONT of the Easterling to take her own photo. Many wouldn’t dare do this to the mother-in-law, however THIS photographer to me did the right thing by literally SHOVING the mother-in-law out of the way to get the picture! In fact, during the rest of the wedding, nobody else stood in Easterling’s way, and everyone rallied behind the photographer as she was just doing her job! Way to go!

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