Weird Guy Asking Boys To Sneeze For Money

There’s a weird creepy guy in Japan running around asking boys to sneeze for him, and he’s even paying the boys for the sneezes.

By DAVID on April 30, 2018
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

The title says it all, really. There’s a creepy guy out there who’s trying to pay young boys to sneeze. The guy is going around actually offering money. He even supplies the tissues. Just weird.

A high-school aged boy says he was asked to sneeze for about $9. It’s happening in Japan, so it’s actually about 1,000 yen, but we did the math on that (1 Yen is about 0.0092 dollars, so basically almost $.01). The boy says that the man approached him, and offered him the money to sneeze. A little creeped out, the boy went to the police and filed a report. It isn’t totally clear if the boy took the money and sneezed, but we’ve got the story, sort of translated. The guy is reported to be about 5-foot-10, dressed in all black, and a slim build. As for whether or not it’s a crime, well, the police are investigating under “maintaining public safety and order.”

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Here’s something else strange – it’s not that town’s first time dealing with someone asking for sneezes. A couple years ago in 2016 there was another guy. The guy was going around saying he was “doing research on sneezing,” and asking people to sneeze. Not sure if the cases are related, but that’s just odd enough of a thing to be suspicious. Could he be collecting DNA? Is there something poisonous on those tissues? How many people go ahead and sneeze for cash? So many questions. Check out some more details here. In any case, it’s strongly discouraged to sneeze on command for a stranger, whether you’re being offered money or not. Obviously.

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