Where Are Sacramentans Moving Out Of Our City To?

We’ve seen a lot of transplants moving into Sacramento but where are local folks packing up and moving to?

By Doug Lazy on December 27, 2018

Most people moving into Sacramento are transplants from The Bay Area and Las Vegas but where are the folks who are moving out of Sacramento moving to?

SacBee.com says that a new study from Redfin found that: “Sacramento was the top destination city for transplants in the country between July and September, with most movers hailing — unsurprisingly — from San Francisco.” In fact, the study found that 22% of people moving out of the Bay Area are moving here to Sacramento. They also say that Las Vegas was the 2nd most popular city for transplants to our city. With median home prices at $1.35 million in San Francisco, Sacramento’s median home price of $349,000 looks very attractive to Bay Area folks looking to relocate.

So What About The People Moving Out Of Sacramento?

The study found that the majority of people moving out of Sacramento are surprisingly moving to the Bay Area! More than 35% of Sacramentans moving out of our city are moving to the Bay Area while Los Angeles was the second most popular destination.

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