Why Cam Is Featured On The Cover of This Month’s Issue Of UC/Davis Magazine

Once an Aggie always an Aggie

By kncitom on January 9, 2019

This is pretty cool: Cam–who’s song Burning House was a huge smash just a couple years ago…? She grew up in the Bay Area, attended UC/Davis, and even worked on the old Matthew McKinley dinner boat in Old Sacramento while she was going to school.

Well, she’s a long way from those days now but, she doesn’t forget her roots (she recently partnered with other California country stars to promote sales of Camp Fire benefit t-shirts…which you can find here), and her roots didn’t forget her.

Cam recently tweeted out a link to the official magazine for UC/Davis (called, unsurprisingly, UC/Davis magazine). That’s because she’s featured on the cover in this month’s issue, and inside is a whole big write up on Cam and her time at the school, where, among other things she founded an all girl a Capella group and majored in psychology.

Wanna check it out? Click here 

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