When His Wife’s Eyesight Started To Fail, He Learned How To Do Her Makeup! (Watch)

“Less is more. There’s no way I want my lovely Mona slapped up with that stuff!”

By kncipat on June 25, 2018
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The love and devotion between these two may be unmatched.  Des and Mona Manahan have been married for 56 years.  Mona’s eyesight is failing.  She can no longer put on her own makeup.  She asked her husband to please take her to a department store makeup counter so she could have her makeup applied professionally.   So that’s what they did.  Goodnews.com reports that while Mona was getting her makeup done Des was making her laugh.  He was saying things like, “Look, you’ve got it crooked,” and “you did this wrong.”  The makeup artist put the brushes in Des’s hands and said, “here, you do it.”   You know what?  He was pretty good.  And that’s where it started.  Des kept going back and taking makeup lessons.  Lesson, after lesson until he felt confident that he could help his wife every day with her makeup.   Des says the secret to helping his wife look her best is that, “less is more.  There’s no way I want my lovely Mona slapped up with stuff.”

Here’s Des helping Mona apply her makeup.  The love these 2 have for each other is incredibly moving.


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