With Everything Going On This Is How You Bring People Together?

By miwilson on June 6, 2020
Photo by Mike from Pexels

It’s no secret there’s been a whole lot going on the last few weeks and many people have tried to find ways to help reduce those tensions. It looks like some kids in Philly may have figured it out… at least on a small scale. Stephania and Khalil decided to drag a basketball hoop around town with the goal of getting people to come together over a game of basketball, and it looks like it worked as they shared videos of protesters and police officers playing together. See some of the pictures and videos HERE.

Here’s a message from Stephania:

Today, with the help of my friends, I brought my hoop around Philly to try to bring our city together. I’ve done this in the past and I’ve seen how it unites people and how much positivity it spreads so I wanted to try to do it now to spread love during these times the one way I know how, through basketball. I am a strong believer in sports uniting everyone and I thought it was worth trying. However, I also wanted to make sure that we weren’t distracting from the main cause, but instead highlighting why love is important and why we should love each other and build each other up as a whole community, and show a positive side of what the protests are all about, they are so much more than just looting and rioting like we’ve been seeing, it’s about people coming together to work together to do what’s right.

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